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Ligonier Valley Rail Road Motive Power

The attached roster of Ligonier Valley Rail Road motive power is as accurate and complete as available information and due diligence will allow. This means that it is both incomplete and possibly inaccurate in some respects. There is a tendency for erroneous information to self perpetuate; a source continues to be quoted and re-quoted with an assumption of accuracy. In the preparation of this roster, the author made the attempt to assume little and to seek verification for everything when possible. This roster has discounted and eliminated many "facts" as shown in previously published rosters based on the availability of (more) reliable sources.

Official records were used in the preparation of the roster whenever possible. Such records were available concerning the former PRR engines and the Baldwin locomotives purchased new by the LVRR. Since official records are not available for many of the locomotives, secondary sources were used when necessary. These sources, being less precise and less accurate, cannot be relied upon to the same extent as primary sources. Instead of reporting a known fact, one must rely on interpretation and "informed" speculation.

I invite and encourage comments, additions and corrections; particularly those accompanied with verified sources. JRA 11-2010

No. Type Builder Notes Purch Retired Photo
112TUnknown Small, narrow gauge, 12 tons. Purch. Cost $3,500 (References: A,B,E,H,K,M) ca 09-1877 12-1882 N
213TUnknownSmall, narrow gauge, 13 tons. Purch. Cost $3,500 (References: A,B,E,H,K,M) 1878 12-1882 N
3?0-2-4Grice & LongNarrow gauge. Builder's# 17, Build Date:1864. Purchased from the Pittsburgh, Oakland and East Liberty Passenger Railway Company. Purch. Cost $5,700 (References: B,F,I,L) 1881 03-1883 Yes
4 4-4-0   20 ton second hand. Purch. Cost $2,900 (References: G,K) 1882 ca 1889 Yes
5 4-4-0   10 ton second hand. (References: K) 1882/1883 ca 1889 N
6 2-6-0 Baldwin Named the "Idlewild". Builder's# 9222, Build Date:05-xx-1888. Purchased New. (References: A,D,H,J) 1888 1911-1913 Yes
7 4-6-0 Baldwin Named the "R.B. Mellon". Involved in July 5, 1912 wreck. May not have been restored to service. Builder's# 10045, Build Date:06-xx-1889. Purchased New.(References: A,D,H) 1889 1912-1913 Yes
8 4-4-0 Altoona Named the "Ligonier". Builder's# 37, Build Date:09-xx-1869. Purchased from PRR, No. 0172, Class C. Purch. Cost $1,500 (References: B,C,H,K,O) 11/08/1893 ca 1911 Yes
9 2-8-0 Altoona Named the "Latrobe". Builder's# 1392, Build Date:04-27-1889. Purchased from PRR, No. 01760, Class H3. Purch. cost $4,250 (References: C,G,H) 12/17/1905 1912-1913 Yes
10(1) 4-4-0 Altoona Builder's# 811, Build Date:06-29-1883. Purchased from PRR, No. 01048, Class D8a. (References: C,H) 05/10/1906 1910 Yes
10(2) 4-4-0 Altoona Engine of passenger train involved in wreck of July, 5 1912. Slightly damaged. Builder's# 1323, Build Date:09-25-1888. Purchased from PRR, No. 1246, Class D11. (References: C,M) 02/02/1910 1917-1918 Yes
11 2-8-0   No information other than road number in Taber roster. Ligonier Echo stated engine arrived 02/13/1907, large 4 wheeler type, to replace #6, "Idlewild". (References: A,B,H,N,O) 02/13/1907 1914-1915 N
12 2-8-0 Baldwin Photo in Taber dated 1946. Rebuilt in 1921 per Myers. Builder's# 33352, Build Date:04-xx-1909. Purchased New. (References: A,D,H,J) 04/30/1909 1949 Yes
13     No photographs or other information known to exist. This number possibly left vacant.      
14 2-8-0 Altoona Involved in 07/05/1912 wreck. May not have been restored to service. Builder's# 1338, Build Date:11-21-1888. Purchased from PRR, No. 0696, Class H3. Purch. cost $2,700 (References: C,H) 02/16/1912 1916-1917 Yes
15 2-8-0 Baldwin Builder's# 38185, Build Date:08-xx-1912. Purchased New. Purch. cost $15,000 (References: A,D,H,J) 09/xx/1912 1949 Yes
16 2-8-0 Baldwin Sold on March 21, 1933 to Artemus-Jjellico, Artemus, KY as their #16. Builder's# 40944, Build Date:11-xx-1913. Purchased New. Purch. Cost $15,786 (References: A,D,H,J) 12/03/1913 1930 N
17 4-4-0 Baldwin Builder's# 41306, Build Date:04-xx-1914. Purchased New. (References: A,D,H,J) 1914 1932 Yes
18 2-8-0 Baldwin Builder's# 42630, Build Date:11-xx-1915. Purchased New. Purch. Cost $15,600 (References: A,D,H,J) 11-xx-1915 1949 Yes
19 2-8-0 Baldwin Builder's# 43284, Build Date:05-xx-1916. Purchased New. Purch. cost $17,150 (References: A,D,H,J) 05-xx-1916 1949 Yes
594 2-8-0 Alco-Richmond Builder's# 39311, Build Date:06-xx-1906. Purchased from Southern Ry., No. 594.(References: A,B,D,H) 02-xx-1950 1952 Yes
807 2-8-0 Baldwin Builder's# 35669, Build Date:12-xx-1910. Purchased from Southern Ry., No. 807. (References: A,B,D,H) 10-xx-1948 1952 Yes
4025 0-6-0 Alco-Schenectady Builder's# 70404, Build Date:09-xx-1942. U.S. Army Trans. Corps No. 4025, sold 12/47 via. Railway Accessories Co. to Ligonier Valley RR.(References: A,B,D,H) 1948 1952 Yes
Single Car Gas Mechanical or Gas Electric - Doodlebug or Dinky
M10   Brill Model 55. Gas/Mechanical. Builder's# 22097, Build Date:1924. Acquired from Punxsutawney Coal Company (References: A,D,H,J) 1928 1952 N
M21   Brill Model 55. Gas/Mechanical. Builder's# 22751, Build Date:1929. Acquired from St. Louis Southwestern Railroad 21 (References: A,D,H,J) 1937 1952 N
1150   EMC/St. Louis Model 106. Gas/Electric. Builder's# 127, Build Date:07/xx/1926. Acquired from Boston And Maine Railroad (References: A,D,H,J) 11/12/1943 1952 N
1152   EMC/St. Louis Model 106. Gas/Electric. Builder's# 129, Build Date:07/xx/1926. Acquired from Boston and Maine Railroad(References: A,D,H,J) 11/12/1943 1952 Yes

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