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Book "The Ligonier Valley Rail Road", by Robert Stutzman, cofounder of the Ligonier Valley Rail Road Association and editor of the "Liggie", our quarterly news letter. In December 2012, he retired as the editor and as a member of the board of directors to write this book. To order a copy please visit our gift shop

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The Ligonier Valley Rail Road Museum is located 3 miles west of Ligonier, Pennsylvania and is housed in an original Ligonier Valley Rail Road station that was built around 1896. The Ligonier Valley Rail Road Association acquired the property in 2005 Darlington Station 1934 and raised funding to restore the station. The project took about 2 ½ years and it was opened as the Ligonier Valley Rail Road Museum on May 21, 2010. The photo on the left shows the station in 1935. Darlington Station 2008The photo on the right shows the station as it is today as the Ligonier valley Rail road Museum.

The mission of the museum is to preserve the history of the Ligonier Valley Rail Road. The Railroad was founded by Judge Thomas Mellon and began passenger operation on December 1, 1877 and during the course of its 75 years of operation it carried 9 million passengers and hauled 32 million tons of freight. The last run occurred on August 31, 1952.

On the left is our 1905 Bobber Caboose passing historic Fort Ligonier on its way to the Darlington Station. The caboose was moved from temporary storage in Caboose passing Fort Ligonier Laughlintown to the Darlington Station on Saturday February 16, 2008. The tracks were installed a few weeks before and Ligonier Construction Company, of Laughlintown, transported the caboose and set it up on the tracks. To read about the caboose and its history please click on the Bobber Caboose link on the top menu.

The Museum collection includes over 3,000 items. The Museum itself houses a variety of items including lanterns, locks and keys, PRR and B&O dinnerware, and a wall map of the right of way of the LVRR. We also have a small HO gauge model RR as well as videos relating to the LVRR and other railroads.

We would like your help. If you have or know of any items from the Ligonier Valley Rail Road including old photographs, timetables, employee information, badges etc. please call us at 724-238-7819. We would love to hear from you!

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